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Information Technology how much diversified.... We all Know....

Valuable Resources are Safeguarded from Risks and Threat...

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Is my Reliance on Information Security a 100% True enough….

Destination for all InfoSec Compliances

Our Strength...


Information Systems plays an imperative role to make organizational success and create a brand image in minds of customers


NUK 9 Information Security Auditors LLP, commonly referred as, “NUK 9 Auditors”, leads into it.


India’s first LLP Company, driven professionally and fully Focused, Governed and Managed in the arena of Information Systems Security, GRC, Certification and Training Assurance Services

Our Track record of extensive and exclusive 20+ years hands-on expertise in the field of IT Assurance, Consulting and Certification Assessment Services with vide industry and engagement exposures. Having consultants with industry reputed and globally accepted qualifications and certifications.


At NUK 9 Deliveries is always a Top Priority

Our Expertise guarantees 100% improvement on the client’s Process, Security and Practices (PSP)

Your Governance, Risk, Compliance and Information Security services under on roof, that not only enables you to achieve the needs of the stake holders but also shocast Risk on Security Investments (ROSI) to the Top Management

System Audit (ISAs)

Risk Assessment (ISRAs)

System Infiltration (ISIAs)


Security Coaching (ISCs)


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