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Information System Infiltration Assessment Services (ISIAs)

A service that conducted to ensure the information systems, processes, technology, functions and above all people who runs the show are not exposure to threats, vulnerabilities and risks


An assessment conducted to determine the degree to which information systems controls are correctly implemented, whether they are operating as intended, and whether they are producing the desired level of security and assurance to the management.


A vulnerability assessment conducted to determine weaknesses inherent in information systems that could be exploited leading to information system breach. Assessments are performed against all information systems on a pre-determined regularly scheduled basis.

Our Infiltration Testing Services:


  • Tests the network using the same methodologies and tools employed by attackers

  • Verifies whether vulnerabilities actually exist or it is just at an infant stage

    • Goes beyond surface vulnerabilities and demonstrates how these vulnerabilities are exploited iteratively to gain greater access

  • Demonstrates vulnerabilities are not purely theoretical

  • Provides the “realism” necessary to address security issues

  • Allows for testing of procedures and susceptibility of the human element to social engineering

  • Providing evidence to support increased investments in security personnel and technology

  • Gains an insight to the Management and Returns-On Security Investment (ROSI)


Our ISIAS Practices arena includes:


  • Passive Vulnerability Assessment Services

  • Active Vulnerability Assessment Services

  • Intrusive / Non-Intrusive System Infiltration Testing Services

  • Business Application Security Infiltration Testing Services

  • Wireless Infiltration Testing Services

  • Network Devices Configuration Vulnerability Reviews

  • Codes & Logic’s Infiltration Testing Services

  • Human Element Exploitation Services

  • Holes in Physical Perimeter Security Services

Infiltration in the systems, Endure with Top Confidentiality...


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